About Egypt

Egypt has it all


We've grown up where the Pyramids are down the road and the temples are up the road, too beautiful that will probably take your breath away….. 

We experienced the charming city of Cairo , a city of contrasts where the bustling alleyways are side by side to the tower blocks and the donkey transport as many as cars.

We floated along the banks of the legendry Nile River exploring beautiful cities and the magnificent temples together with the golden sand dunes that tumble to the edge of the river 

We trekked the Mountains of the Sinai and watched the sun birth in the sky from the highest peaks , we slept under the stars in vast deserts and remote Oasis enjoying the tranquility of the Sahara and the shooting stars.

We swam in the crystal deep blue water and dove among the coral gardens of the divers Mecca..The Red Sea

Egypt is something else, history will leap to life as you explore more and the big wow factor will never end…..but what impress us more in the Egypt are the people themselves. 

From Bedouins to Egyptologists they all have a legend to tell, they all have a story to share.

From a local guard in a white galabiya sitting in the shade of the great Pyramid guarding his history, loaded with memories of how his grandfathers built this amazing site to a carpet seller in Aswan walking through the narrow alleys of the city in a summer day with his rugs on his shoulder that he spent all night putting the threads together creating a beautiful hand made piece of art.

From a Nubian sailor sailing with a traditional felucca along the River Nile singing a ballad of his ancestors to a Bedouin Woman covered in black where you can hardly see her eyes wondering in the massive Sinai Mountains shepherding her goats. 

Egypt is too many people……..  Egypt is too many ways of life !